Are You Paying the Right DEWA Housing Fee?

dewa housing feeI was having a cappuccino last week while I was going through my mail when I came across my DEWA bill for the month and almost choked. The bill was for over AED 1,000. What the falafel!!! Hitherto, my monthly DEWA bill always fell in the AED 150 – 200 range every month. I am extra frugal with my water and electricity usage and try to stay green. Something was definitely not right. Continue reading

Reader Question – How To Deal with Increasing Rental Rates in Dubai?

did you know2

So today, I’m addressing one of the reader questions I received a few days ago. I’ve deleted the other parts and left only the part relevant to this post:

…tell me, how are you able to save any money with the way rents are increasing since they announced EXPO 2020…. Continue reading

Shopping at the Mall vs Satwa

mall shoppingMy dislike for shopping has been well documented in the past :). Whenever I need stuff, it takes some time to warm myself up to the idea of going to the mall so it’s really disappointing when I do trudge through the mall and end up not finding what I need. I particularly have this problem when it comes to work pants. I’m not very tall but I have long legs, which makes it challenging to find work pants the length of my legs. Occasionally, a miracle happens and I find a great pair in Zara or Koton but for the most part, I never do. Continue reading

Financial Vision Board 2014

vision board 2014I didn’t do a separate financial board last year. Instead, I incorporated it into my personal vision board, which I wasn’t able to share on here due to my anonymity. This year, I decided to make a separate financial vision board so that I can be more focused and gazelle intense about achieving my financial goals. Below is what I ended up with: Continue reading

My Debt Free Date

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 11.08.55 PMSo I mentioned debt free date earlier in my what to do with a raise post. As of today, it mentions that my debt free date is 16 days, 11 minutes and 59 seconds . Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. After looking at my financial life figures, restructuring to move the day my dreams will come true forward, the debt free date will be delayed by about 35 days until the end of April 2014. I would have loved to stick to the deadline but all in all, I don’t think I’m too far off from it. I share my my debt payoff progression on my liabilities page. Continue reading

How Much Do I Make?

salaryI get a lot of emails from people saying the things I blog about are possible because I must make around AED 40, 000 or something a month. OMG! I wish. If I made AED 40,000 a month, I would retire within the next 2 – 3 years and live like a queen. Unfortunately, I make the average Joe income like everybody else. Continue reading

What to Do with A Raise

money graphSo, I was expecting a significant raise this year and I found out what it was yesterday. I was left disappointed. While it was a lot, it’s still below the standard for my industry and the position I’m in. I’d made a Plan B in case it didn’t meet my expectations but eventually, my employer and I reached another compromise to make up for my disappointment. Continue reading

Learn How to Earn Extra Income in UAE

piggy_bank_8881I’ve been busy since last October putting together and editing my second e-book about How to Earn Extra Income in UAE. I had planned to publish it in December but work got in the way a lot and I had to put it aside several times. I finally finished with it last weekend. Prior to writing it, I had received a lot of emails from people worrying about how to get a second income going due to UAE labour laws. Continue reading

Dubai Shopping Festival Haul


dubai shopping festivalI didn’t intend to participate in the shopping festival but I needed a few things for my wardrobe so I figured I’d look around and see what’s up for grabs. I did an eenie minnie miney moe thing and ended up in Festival City. I kept my scouring to Anne Klein, Marks & Spencer & Nine West. I know, boring but I hate the crap out of shopping and if I’d chosen more shops, I’d have gotten bored after the first three and gone home. Continue reading